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Create your Delance online with the designer

Create your Delance with Giselle Rufer

Giselle Rufer-Delance
Giselle Rufer-Delance
Giselle Rufer-Delance, founder of Delance Swiss Watches

The designer, Giselle Rufer, is at your disposal to assist you and initiate any whimsical creative ideas, at your request.

Write to her: or 'Skype' her with the button at the right.


Create your own Delance!

Create your own Delance!

Go ahead and create your own lady watch Delance and see for yourself how good it looks and how much it will cost.
Just remember if you need any more advice or help we are still available to give you a more personal service.
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Sabine Eve Baerlocher

Sabine Eve Baerlocher

My mother-in-law got a Delance "My Mother's Watch" for her 50th birthday, with several stones, signifying the children’s and grandchildren’s hour of birth...
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