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The Lady's Watch

A true art work, a miniature sculpture, the DELANCE watch is an ode to feminity and to women's values .

Unique for each and every one of them, this watch constantly reminds her that it is time for her.

All these ways of personalizing the DELANCE are possible because the gold or massive steel watchcase. Cut from a block of metal, a full 41 successive operations are required to unveil all its subtlety. A veritable masterpiece of refinement, it is created thanks to savoir-faire and the innovative technology. The sapphire face, an invisible jewel, completes its impeccable beauty.

Swiss Made

Swiss Made

Delance luxury watches are 100% manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with specifications for the haut de gamme range of fine timepieces.
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A theme for everyone

A theme for everyone

Based on this highly positive symbol Giselle Rufer created the theme ladies watches having become so dear to the women who wear them and furthermore, also to the men who love them.
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The interchangeability

A Delance is a swiss watch recognizable at first glance. It comes in two basic sizes and two types of materials, either 18K gold or steel. Add to that a choice of 20 dials, 20 interchangeable cabochons, a multitude of bracelets, and a large choice of precious set stones and the combinations are endless.

The cabochons and bracelets can be interchanged at the flick of a finger and here is your personalised watch !
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The founder: Giselle Rufer

In May of 1996, equipped with degrees in engineering and art education along with ten years of experience in the watch industry, Giselle Rufer launched this Delance luxury watch
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Gwendoline Rummelhardt

Gwendoline Rummelhardt

Who can better create an elegant watch for women than a woman, who knows how to captivate those who offer it and those who receive it?
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